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Freire as a Lens for The Bluest Eye and Enders Game Essay

Freire as a Lens for The Bluest Eye and Enders Game - Essay Example In another work of Orson Scott, Enders Game, we see characters missing their qualities in the fates for not thinking about their past occasions. Every one of these bits of writing delineate characters that are not equipped for grasping and proceeding onward without their past foundation or characters that can't lay away their own past. Paulo’s invigorating study of the prevailing training banking model prompts his independent recommendations of issue presenting instruction in which people build up the ability to watch the manner in which they exist in their reality fundamentally with, and in which they get themselves in. They come to see later that the earth, not as a static authenticity yet a truth of the procedure of change (Peter 201). This proposals to us, and particularly those who have encountered subjection through a required absorption strategy a way wherein we grasp what it implies to go to a social voice. It is a procedure continually including torment and expectatio n; a procedure wherein, as required social performers, we can move toward subjectivity, rising above substance positions in a general public facilitating us yet is outsider. Paulo judgment of abuse was not just the scholarly exercise regularly found among numerous pseudo basic teachers and easy nonconformists. His scholarly brilliancy and boldness in impugning the designs of mistreatment got settled in a seriously genuine and material comprehension, as he describes in his letters to Cristina. Issue presenting training is a progressive futurity (Peter 34). Consequently, it is prophetic (and, without anyone else, confident). Henceforth, it coordinates to the verifiable character of mankind. Thus, it affirms ladies and men as animals who rise above themselves, for which fixed status portrays a lethal danger, animals that push forward and look forward. Taking a gander at the past have just been a method of seeing further obviously who and what they are with the aim that they can all the more wisely fabricate what's to come. In this way, it relates to the group which connects with people as creatures aware of their deficiency †a verifiable group which has its place of an alternate methodology, its goal and Subjects (Peter 59). Every one of these perspectives by Paulo are not looking to its present however just decided with the eventual fate of humankind. The future can't be appropriately evaluated without thinking about the present and past. The current life gives off an impression of being affected essentially by the past, and the future impacted by the over a wide span of time. I don't know whether Orson Scott explicitly composed Ender's Game to an adolescent crowd, or on the off chance that it got shaded as a book for youngsters because of the age of the hero. Regularly, it peruses like a youthful grown-up title. There are some genuine intense moral issues that current themselves, yet regardless of whether they don't intrigue the peruser, the story pushes a head in a persuading way. The book fills in as an obvious perusing, and as something heftier. Later on, outsiders undermine the Earth, and however the earth won the round, it was anything but a very consoling triumph. The military gear is working diligently, attempting to turn out to be the manner by which to figure the triumph stable, how to shield the earth from the unavoidable second round. In doing this, they go to kids. They will likely discover kids with the right disposition and adequate inclination that they can be molded into officers in a safeguard power that can win unfalteringly. Differentiation to his kin, who are

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Anne of York, Sister of Two English Kings

Anne of York, Sister of Two English Kings Anne of York Facts Known for: sister of British rulers Richard III and Edward IV; she was given control of her first spouses land and titles when he was crushed battling against Annes sibling, King Edward IV. She had connections to the places of York and Lancaster, the heroes in the Wars of the Roses.Dates: August 10, 1439 - January 14, 1476Also known as: Duchess of Exeter Foundation, Family: Mother: Cecily Neville (1411 - 1495), little girl of Ralph, lord of Westmoreland, and his subsequent spouse, Joan Beaufort. Joan was a legitimized little girl of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster and a child of King Edward III of England, by Katherine Swynford, whom John wedded after their youngsters were conceived. Isabel Neville and Anne Neville, wedded to Anne of Yorks siblings, were incredible nieces of Cecily Neville and first cousins once evacuated to Anne of York and her siblings. Father: Richard, third duke of York (1411 - 1460), child of Richard of Conisbrough, fourth duke of Cambridge and Anne Mortimer, little girl of Roger Mortimer, fourth baron of March. Richard of Conisbrough was the child of Edmund of Langley, the principal duke of York, who was the fourth child of Edward III and Philippa of Hainault.Anne Mortimer was the incredible granddaughter of Lionel of Antwerp, duke of Clarence, who was the second child of Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. In 1460, Annes father, Richard of York, endeavored to take the seat from the Lancastrian Henry VI, in light of this family line. He agreed with Henry that he would succeed Henry, however soon after was murdered at the clash of Wakefield. His child Edward IV prevailing in March 1461 in toppling Henry VI based on this equivalent case. Kin: Joan of York (passed on in childhood)Henry of York (kicked the bucket in childhood)Edward IV of England (1442 - 1483)Edmund, Earl of Rutland (1443 - 1460)Elizabeth of York (1444 - around 1503), wedded John de la Pole, duke of Suffolk, who had first been hitched quickly, before the marriage contractâ was disintegrated, to Margaret Beaufort (age one or three at the hour of the marriage)Margaret of York (1446 - 1503), wedded Charles the Bold of BurgundyWilliam of York (passed on in childhood)John of York (passed on in childhood)George, Duke of Clarence (1449 - 1478), wedded to Isabel Neville, sister of Anne Neville, Richard IIIs sovereign consortThomas of York (passed on in childhood)Richard III of England (1452 - 1485), wedded to Anne Neville, whose first spouse was Edward, Prince of Wales, child of Henry VI of EnglandUrsula of York (kicked the bucket in adolescence) Marriage, Children: First spouse: Henry Holland, third duke of Exeter (1430 - 1475). Hitched 1447. Holland was a partner of the Lancastrians, and was an officer at Wakefield, St. Albans and the Battle of Towton. He fled to banish after the thrashing at Towton. At the point when Annes sibling Edward became lord, Edward gave control of Hollands domains to Anne. They officially isolated in 1464 and separated in 1472. Anne of York and Henry Holland had one youngster, a little girl: Anne Holland (around 1455 - somewhere in the range of 1467 and 1474). Hitched Thomas Gray, first marquess of Dorset and child of Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IVs spouse, by her first husband. At the point when Edward gave control of Hollands bequests to Anne of York, the domains were to go to Anne Hollands beneficiaries. Be that as it may, Anne Holland kicked the bucket with no youngsters. Second spouse: Thomas St. Leger (around 1440 - 1483). Hitched 1474. Anne of York kicked the bucket of complexities after labor at age 36, subsequent to bearing her lone youngster by St. Leger, another girl: Anne St. Leger (January 14, 1476 - April 21, 1526). Anne St. Legers beneficiaries acquired, by an Act of Parliament in 1483, the Exeter homes which had been seized for her moms benefit from her moms first spouse. That Act gave a piece of the legacy to Richard Gray, one of Elizabeth Woodvilles children by her first marriage. Anne St. Leger was guaranteed in union with Thomas Gray, a grandson of Elizabeth Woodville just as the child of the single man of Anne St. Legers relative, Anne Holland. Anne St. Leger in the end wedded, rather, George Manners, twelfth aristocrat de Ros.Among Anne St. Legers relatives was Diana, Princess of Wales. In 2012, remains thought to be those of Anne of Yorks sibling, King Richard III, were found in Leicester; maternal line descendents of Anne of York through Anne St. Leger were utilized to test DNA and affirm the personality of the remaining parts as those of the ruler who had passed on in fight. Increasingly About Anne of York: Anne of York was the more seasoned sister of two English rulers, Edward IV and Richard III. Annes first spouse, Henry Holland, duke of Exeter, battled effectively on the Lancastrians against Annes York family at the clash of Wakefield, where Annes father and sibling Edmund were murdered. Holland was on the losing side at the Battle of Towton, and fled to outcast, and his territories were seized by Edward IV. In 1460, Edward IV allowed Anne of York her spouses lands, which were to be acquired through her little girl by Holland. That little girl, Anne Holland, was hitched to one of the children of Edwards sovereign, Elizabeth Woodville, by her first spouse, further binds the familys fortunes to the York side in the Wars of the Roses. Anne Holland passed on, childless, at some point after this marriage in 1466 and before 1474, at which time her significant other remarried. Anne Holland was somewhere in the range of 10 and 19 years of age at her demise. Anne of York had isolated from Henry Holland in 1464 and acquired a separation in 1472. Alterations before 1472 to Anne of Yorks title to the terrains of her first spouse clarified that the title and grounds would continue to any of Annes future youngsters, so she may have just started another relationship before her marriage in 1474 to Thomas St. Leger. Henry Holland suffocated subsequent to falling over the edge from a boat in 1475; bits of gossip were that King Edward had requested his demise. In late 1475, Anne of York and Thomas St. Legers little girl, Anne St. Leger, was conceived. Anne of York kicked the bucket in January, 1476, of confusions of the labor. Anne of Yorks Daughter, Anne St. Leger Anne St. Leger, at about four months old, was at that point contracted in union with Thomas Gray, who was a grandson of Elizabeth Woodville and the child of Anne St. Legers relatives single man. Edward IV won an Act of Parliament in 1483 proclaiming Anne St. Leger the beneficiary of the Exeter home and titles, with a portion of the domain additionally going to Richard Gray, another of Elizabeth Woodvilles children from her first marriage. This Act of Parliament was disliked with people in general, one more case of the favors given to Elizabeth Woodvilles family, and may have added to Edward IVs ruin. Anne St. Leger, Anne of Yorks just enduring little girl, never wedded Thomas Gray. At the point when her uncle, Richard III, ovrthrew her other uncle, Edward IV, he attempted to wed Anne St. Leger to Henry Stafford, duke of Buckingham. There were likewise gossipy tidbits he needed to wed Anne to his own child, Edward. Thomas St. Leger partook in a resistance to Richard III. At the point when that fizzled, he was caught and executed in November, 1483. After the destruction of Richard III and increase of Henry VII, Anne St. Leger wedded George Manners, twelfth aristocrat de Ros. They had eleven kids. Five of the girls and one of the children wedded. Another Anne of York A niece of Anne of York, the girl of Annes sibling Edward IV, was likewise called Anne of York. The more youthful Anne of York was the royal lady of Surrey and lived from 1475 to 1511. She wedded Thomas Howard, third duke of Norfolk. Anne of York, lady of Surrey, partook in the christenings of her nephew, Arthur Tudor, and of her niece, Margaret Tudor, offspring of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. The offspring of Anne of York, noblewoman of Surrey, all predeceased her.

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Blog Archive MBA News Stanford Establishes $7M Center for Energy Policy and Finance

Blog Archive MBA News Stanford Establishes $7M Center for Energy Policy and Finance In an effort to bring together the best minds from Stanford Law School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) to advance the development and regulation of clean energy technology, the GSB announced Tuesday that it would be establishing the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Financefunded by a $7 million gift from Thomas Steyer (MBA 83) and his wife Kay Taylor (JD/MBA 86). The center will produce cutting-edge research for policymakers, the business community and technology leaders to help resolve energy problems from global to local levels, and will be lead by Dan Reicher (JD 83), who has more than 25 years of experience in energy and environmental technology policy, finance and law. The centers focus on policy and finance solutions will complement and coordinate work being done in Stanfords other centers, including the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, which was also funded by Thomas Steyer and Kat Taylor in 2009. Share ThisTweet News Stanford University (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

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Ict Systems Strategy And Management - 1056 Words

KIT708 ICT SYSTEMS STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP 6 LEADERS REPORT by Srinivas GROUP 5 Srinivas - 189750 Rajesh - 183176 Venkat - 179334 Jawahar - 218429 Task 3 Key Issues Discussed In the Paper According to me (Srinivas), the key issues discussed in the paper are: The chapter started as the challenges of IS/IT investments. The generic benefits of IT were explained with case studies. Net Benefits of the IT were shown. The paper also showed the developing economy and the need for a new appraisal method. This method was explained in depth in this paper. According to Rajesh, the key issues discussed in the paper basically are the challenges of IS/IT investments. How the economy is changing over time and there is also a need†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ No sufficient training to the staffs to use the newly deployed IT and IS. †¢ No post implementation reviews of IT project in an organization. Audience of the Paper According to me (Srinivas), the audience of this paper would be organizations who are and want to implement IS/IT investments and the management and IS/IT students. Rajesh says that the audience of the paper would be Managers, Business staff and IT Managers within the organizations and the researchers who want to add value to the topic or research on the existing approaches. Venkat says that the Journal article is based on the Information Technology Domain, and thus the audiences for the article are the management teams of any organization related to information technology. Jawahar says that senior managers and IT managers of an organization are the main targeted audience of the paper. HR and finance managers are also targeted in this paper. Critical Analysis of the Paper I (Srinivas), say that the paper basically started with the development going on within organizations and in the economy. The benefits of IT within the organizations were explained clearly and the disadvantages were also explained. Next, the need for the fresh approach was also shown. The author has clearly shown his view by referring to many authors and explained the new approach clearly. Overall, the paper is informative andShow MoreRelatedThe Best Suitable Corporate ICT Governance Model for the Gobà ¡r Saor Corporation Group1443 Words   |  6 PagesCorporate ICT Governance model (if any) for the Gobà ¡n Saor Construction Group (GSC). This report describes different ICT Governance characteristics and solutions from the concepts to the recommendation for the specific case of GSC described in the following sections: †¢ ICT Governance: describes what ICT Governance is, including its expected benefits, its possible problems and the main ICT Governance alternatives. †¢ Gobà ¡n Saor Construction: specifies the actual status of GSC in terms of ICT GovernanceRead MoreInformation On Information And Communication Technology998 Words   |  4 Pagesfield of education, health etc. But we also cannot deny the fact that it is some issues also. This report will describe six of these issues and one area where further research is necessary. These problems are security, privacy, financial problems, management, time taking, extra staff. Government have to make their computers up to date for protection. Cyber Security: The main issue with applying information and communication technology is that the data is being interrupted by the damage ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Tony Robbins, An American Motivational Speaker And Performance Coach1290 Words   |  6 PagesRobbins, an American motivational speaker and performance coach, shows that effective communication is based on the understanding of the differences between cultures and people. The implementation strategy for the named project focus on a detailed communication plan, which allows the project management team to ensure the support of all stakeholders for the necessary changes related to this project. Economic changes over the last decade in the telecommunication market and the global networking ofRead MoreHealth Information System In Ghana805 Words   |  4 Pagespaperless health records system in Ghana began in late 1980s. The Maternal and Child Health Information System collected data in three of the ten Ghanaian regions (Abdulai, 2009). However, information on its implementation in the other seven areas were not documented. Abdulai also does not specify which regions had this system, which did not, what it exactly documented and what led to its defeat. The documentation gaps and little research done on health information management shows the little educationRead MoreIct And The Appropriate Instructional Design Of Tools For Ict1562 Words   |  7 Pagessupported by ICT process in developing countries like Tanzania is inevitable (Sanga et al., 2013). Although PSS in Tanzania have poor environments for teaching and learning, limited number of teaching staff, limited number of t ext and reference books as well as large number of students in classrooms but ICT can solve some of these prevailing problems (Table 7).By using different ICT tools for teaching and learning will enable teachers and students to know the subject matter easier because ICT can enableRead MoreThe Strategies Of Organizing And Relational Strategies For Organizing832 Words   |  4 Pagesalign with their management style and company objectives. There are two strategies that are still implemented in today’s society. These strategies are the Traditional Strategies of Organizing and Relational Strategies for Organizing. The two topics are as different as they are similar. Approximately a century ago, a sociologist by the name of Max Weber contributed to the study of bureaucracies, which would later be a popular use in the science of management. Traditional strategies such as bureaucraciesRead MoreHydro-Quebec Efforts to Restructure and Reorganize IT Support Management Function Line Demands Business Models1437 Words   |  6 PagesHydro-Quebec Efforts to Restructure and Reorganize IT Support Management Function Line Demands Business Models Objective The objective of this work is to discuss Hydro-Quebec Efforts to restructure and Reorganize IT support management function line demands business models and specifically to describe external factors and internal factors affecting change IT management for Hydro-Quebec through use of the socio-technical design document. This work will also answer the question of what changes wouldRead MoreWhat Is Information Communication Technology ( Ict ) Versus Employee Driven Innovation ( Edi )911 Words   |  4 Pagesis a broad term with a variation of definitions depending on the source. For this assignment. I will first analyze and compare the various types of cognizance, and cognizance management. Second, I will compare and contrast germane ways of managing knowledge. Conclusively, I will define information communication technology (ICT) versus employee-driven innovation (EDI) and illustrate whether they are benign for the company in the case study. Notably, a master list of definitions for knowledge do notRead MoreEssay on Computer Science: Key for Modern Day Innovation985 Words   |  4 Pagessimilar to the Dark Ages, that is, zero. However, there is a large border between innovation in the past and innovation today. This is because major branches of technology have already been discovered. One example of a major branch of technology is ICT. Consequently, Computer Science and the Internet could revolutionize the modern world and make tasks, known as difficult beforehand, simpler and could potentially increase innovation rate tenfold. Innovation growth may be plummeting down, althoughRead MoreThe s Vision, Mission And Strategy Plan1588 Words   |  7 Pagesvaluable brand in the Middle East, according to UK-based consultancy Brand Finance (TeleGeography, 2014). Hard work and good performance management is the reason why they are at this place right now. In this paper I will provide a review of STC’s vision, mission and strategy plan. Then I’ll present the alignment degree between the strategy and performance management of human resources. At the end, I’ll show my insight and thoughts to enhance those alignments. STC’s Vision and Mission The Vision is what

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Components Of Most Influential Components - 992 Words

We identified the affected components of most influential components in both type of perturbations. We combined all the four environmental conditions to construct the network of the most influential components with downstream targets. On these networks we mapped druggable proteins and cancer associated genes. Under inactivating perturbations, we obtained the network of PI3K, EGFR, PP2A, GRK and CaM (Figure 7A). Under activating perturbations, we obtained the network of influential components i.e. EGFR, IL1_TNFR, ERK, SHP2, RKIP, Ras, Gbg_i, Fak, Integrins, and PP2A (Figure 7B). The ranking of these components based on number of affected components is shown in Table 4. We observed that the EGFR is affecting most number of components under activating as well as inactivating perturbations. Interestingly, EGFR is a validated drug target for cancer [34]. The other influential components such as PI3K, ERK, and Ras have been previously explored in multiple cancer types. However, the influential components consist of the most important drug candidates that block cell proliferation in cancer cells. Some of these components have been associated with the drug resistance. For example, in non-small cell lung cancer, EGFR showed mutation in its kinase domain, Epithelial–mesenchymal transition, and mechanisms to develop resistance to gefitinib [35]. In colorectal, and head and neck cancers KRAS mutation, EGFR-S492R mutation, and increased ErBb signaling are responsible for resistanceShow MoreRelated Roger’s Theory as compared to that of Ellis’ Theory Essay973 Words   |  4 PagesAnderson (n.d) states, â€Å"Carl Rogers, a pioneering psychotherapist and the most influential psychologist in American history was one of the most prominent people of his time.† Rogers’ ideas and practices brought about a change in the school of humanistic psychology. What he learned in philosophy and philosophy of education influenced his personal life experiences which led him to a revolutionary of theory of therapy (Corsini, 2011 p. 148). According to an electrical resource, Client –centered therapyRead MoreGeneral and Task Environment954 Words   |  4 Pagesgeneral environment or the task environment? Why is it important for a manager to make a clear assessment of these environments? The general environment and task environment are the two components that make up an organisations external environment. The external environment of an organisation includes influential elements that both directly and indirectly shape and impact its future, and as of late, has developed into an area of increasing importance to managers worldwide. However, how do managersRead MoreCognitive Psychology Essay1069 Words   |  5 Pagesroots of psychology. It is also known that cognitive psychology was out numbered by behaviorism but later revived, bringing into being cognitive revolution. The paper discusses cognitive revolution in the history of cognitive psychology as the most influential part in the practice of modern psychology. Introduction A scientific branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of cognition is referred to as cognitive psychology. Cognition has aspects involved in mental processes that includeRead MorePsychology : Cognitive Psychology And Psychology980 Words   |  4 Pagesroots of psychology. It is also known that cognitive psychology was out numbered by behaviorism but later revived, bringing into being cognitive revolution. The paper discusses cognitive revolution in the history of cognitive psychology as the most influential part in the practice of modern psychology. Introduction A scientific branch of psychology that is concerned with the study of cognition is referred to as cognitive psychology. Cognition has aspects involved in mental processes that includeRead MoreAre You Focused On Your Small Business Branding?. Any Business1064 Words   |  5 Pagesconsumers and expected customers get from your business. An influential brand communicates about the products and services your company provides and develops trust and reliability at the same time. Your brand exists in day to day interaction with your customers and the picture your share, post you update on your we solution, the content of your marketing resources along with the social media post. In addition, your brand is all about the components that creates a brand that includes logo, packaging, coloursRead MoreFactors To Affecting The Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage Process?841 Words   |  4 Pagesto determine the most influential geological parameters affecting the Gas Assisted Gravity Drainage process, sensitivity analysis was conducted through Design of experiments (DoE). DoE combines multi-level of each parameter to create many computer experiments evaluated by the compositional reservoir simulation. The factors that were adopted in this case are horizontal permeability, anisotropy ratio $K_{v}/K_{h}$, and porosity, all given for the entire reservoir. The most influential factors are diagnosedRead MoreOverview of Four Seasons Strategy1411 Words   |  6 Pageswe succeed .† The Four Seasons main purpose is to provide the finest luxury accommodations to their guests. The company’s goal is to be regarded as the best in hotel and resort management. The Four Seasons believes their employees are their most vital assets. The quality of the employees is paramount for the company in their achievement of organizational objectives. Four Seasons believes it takes a unified and cooperative employee effort to satisfy the guests’ needs and to achieveRead MoreLet1 Task 11087 Words   |  5 PagesVictor Vroom in 1964. It will first explain the three key components and relationships of the expectancy theory of motivation. These components include Expectancy, Instrumentality and Valence. In addition, it will explain how to enhance the motivation of employees in a fictional but real-life modeled scenario using the Expectancy theory of motivation. After studying this paper, the reader should be able to explain the main components of the Expectancy theory of motivation and apply it’s conceptsRead MoreCoca Cola Great Britain ( Ccgb ) Essay930 Words   |  4 Pagesout of 13 locations (Odell, 2015). CCGB currently produce 19 brands and 96 different products, UK sales rates of 4 billion bottles and cans per year. Which has aided in CCGB achieve as the market leaders and cemented their presence as one of the most globally recognisable products. (Jorgensen, 1994). In 2015 Coca Cola unveiled a new retail marketing strategy, entitled â€Å"the One Brand† strategy, designed to directly addressing the issue of changing consumer attitudes and behaviours, caused by theRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics For Educators Standards775 Words   |  4 Pagesprofession. The three components from the two codes of ethics we had for this class that I consider most important are Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators Standard 4: Honesty, Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators Standard: 10 Professional Conduct, and CEC Special Education Standards for Professional, Ethical Principles, Standard J – â€Å"advocating for professional conditions and resources that will improve learning outcomes of individual with exceptionalities.† The first component I selected, honesty

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The Nsa s National Security Agency - 2363 Words

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) warrantless collection of metadata has been questioned on constitutional grounds. Specifically, the NSA’s program has been argued to be in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which states that all citizens are to be free from any unreasonable search or seizure. Proponents of the NSA’s collection of metadata believe that it is a crucial tool in preventing terrorist attacks, while opponents of the program believe that its questionable constitutional validity, along with its lack of clear success in preventing a single terrorist attack, leaves the NSA’s metadata collection program in desperate need of reform or outright abolishment. I. THE NSA’S PURPOSE AND THE EVOLUTION OF GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE It is important to note what the NSA is tasked to do before discussing the constitutional arguments against its metadata program. As Abdulmajeed Alhogbani, in his work, â€Å"Going Dark: Scratching the Surface of Government Surveillance,† informs, the agency has two tasks: â€Å"1) information assurance, which prevents foreign agents from obtaining classified information, and 2) signals intelligence, which collects and analyzes foreign intelligence† (475). Metadata collection does not fall under either of these tasks. Prior to the establishment of the National Security Agency in 1952, the earliest surveillance measure enacted in the United States was the Communications Act of 1934, which centralized â€Å"the regulatory process ofShow MoreRelatedThe Nsa Spying Is A Major Issue1077 Words   |  5 Pagesrequested when we walk into a dentist office or doctor’s office, the local liquor store, or when we are using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Google. This is all collected, stored, and tracked by the NSA, and what is our government is doing with it is unknown. In today’s world NSA spying is a major issue and should be noticed by the people of the U.S. The US government, with assistance from major carriers including ATT, has engaged in massive, illegal dragnet surveillance of the domesticRead MoreNsa Should Be Stopped. Nsa1177 Words   |  5 Pages NSA should be stopped The NSA, The National Security Agency that is under the government control was initially intended to protect the USA by tethering through technology devices to attempt to pick up any suspicious activities. The problem is that many feel as if the NSA has no right to evade their privacy. The NSA should be penalize every time they do so, or should have some type of warrant, but only for last resort, or stopped completely. There are many other ways to go about finding troublesomeRead MoreAmerican Peoples Privacy Is Being Spied on by the NSA and It Is Wrong703 Words   |  3 Pagesviolated by the NSA. Everyday person today in the USA uses technology to communicate and pleasure use: e-mail, texting, social networks, calling, blogs, forums, instant messaging, Internet and using search engines. The American people personal computer or electronic information is spied on and collect by the NSA this is wrong this is violating the fourth amendment. Who is spying and collecting personal electronic information from American people by the National Security Agency known as NSA. They areRead MoreU.s. National Security Agency1242 Words   |  5 Pageslives of its citizens including, the protagonist, Winston. Even though our society is not as invasive we have our own big brother, the NSA. Although it protects U.S. national security, the government should discontinue the surveillance done by the NSA because it is detrimental the U.S. economy the Constitution and the citizens of the U.S. The National Security Agency, NSA, is an intelligence organization of the United States government, responsible for global monitoring, collection and processing ofRead MorePresident Reagan Signed Into Law A National Security Decision Directive1344 Words   |  6 PagesOn September 17th, 1984 President Reagan signed into law a national security decision directive, NSDD-145, titled â€Å"National Policy on Telecommunications and Automated Information System Security†. Even at that time, the government officials understood that computers were susceptible to interception, unauthorized electronic access, and related form of technical espionage and exploitation. It was noted, that hostile agencies were â€Å"extensively† hacking into computers, and that terrorist groups and criminalRead MoreGovernment Surveillance Of The United States975 Words   |  4 PagesOver the past few years, government surveillance in the United States has become a widely debated issue with two comp letely different sides. The National Security Agency, a government agency known for it’s efforts in spying and surveillance, has been at the center of this issue since it’s founding in the 1950’s. The Cold War had just begun and the United States government was doing anything they could to find potential terrorists and communists. In fact, many famous people including Einstein wereRead MoreSetting The Stage For The Events That Took Place1487 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"biggest leak of government secrets in history† (Breslow, 2014, para. 2), Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, contacted Glenn Greenwald of the worldwide new source, The Guardian, in December 2012 stating, ‘I’ve got some stuff you might be interested in’ (Breslow, 2012, para. 1-2). The events that took place after the initial contact would send the United States, government agencies, media outlets, and digital experts racing for answers reg arding legalities, what informationRead MoreDomestic Surveillance During The United States1474 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic Surveillance in the Unites States has been going on for decades without the public s knowledge. Domestic Surveillance didn t seem important in the eye of the American government. After the September attacks (9/11) congress started to treat Domestic Surveillance as a number one priority. After September 11th Congress passed a law to use military force for those responsible for the attacks in New York, NY. The go ahead with using military force did not give the President to use surveillanceRead MoreAnti Transportation Security Agency ( Tsa )1393 Words   |  6 Pageslives one fateful September morning, we realized we left the doors to our country wide open to attack. As a result, we ramped up our security and instituted new programs to combat terrorism to make ourselves invulnerable to similar attacks. But as the government began to develop programs within the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to prevent such an attack from ever happening again, the government began to infringe on the rights which were laid down in theRead MoreNational Security Agency Is Unconstitutional887 Words   |  4 PagesThe NSA is an unconstitutional Federal government agency established by a failed president. In 1952, the worst president in U.S. History, President Truman, established the National Security Agency (NSA). Truman is known for committing the worst crime against humanity by using a nuclear bomb on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, as well as for losing China and North Korea. For a president that is known for his poor performance on foreign policy, Truman establishes the NSA to safeguard

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Operations Management Service Management Operations

Question: Discuss about the Operations Management of Service Management Operations. Answer: Introduction Forecasting is considered to be one of the major tools for decision making, which is made by properly analysing the past data and thereby making a proper estimation about the future. In this assignment, the three types of time horizons relating to forecasting are being discussed along with different types of methods which can be used readily in each kind of time range. Classification of time horizon: Forecasting is classified under three types of times horizons which are as follows: Principles Short range Medium range Long range Duration 1 month 3 months 3 months - 3 years Type of decisions Tactical Strategic and tactical Strategic Effect Random fluctuations Seasonal fluctuations Long term business cycles Range of uncertainty Low Considerable High Examples Revision of production plans and job scheduling Planning, production, sales and budgeting. Introduction of New Products , Change in location and New development in business Table: Three types of times horizons Source: (Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmon 2013) Short term (1 month 3 months). Under this type of time horizon, the span of time varies ranges from few days to few weeks. Trends, seasonality and the different cycles tend to have little effect on such time range. The decisions taken are mostly tactical, with a low degree of uncertainty .The nature of data is mostly in quantitative basis where the Random Fluctuations are considered to be a major element effecting the short time phase. e.g.: work assignments and scheduling of jobs. Medium Range (3 months 3 years). Under medium range of time horizon, the span of time ranges from 3 months to 3 years approximately. Under this stage, the decisions regarding productions, proper planning, sales and budgeting are being taken. These decisions taken are mostly considered as a combination of both strategic and tactical where significant degrees of uncertainty exist. Long range forecasting ( 3 years). Long term in forecasting refers to the range of time which is greater than 1 year. Under this, the decisions taken are fully in a strategic manner, with a high degree of uncertainty. According to Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmon (2013), the major focus area under long range forecasting is introduction of new products, development of new business and decisions regarding the locality. Types of forecasting methods which can be used in each of the time horizons: There are two types of forecasting methods namely Quantitative and qualitative, which can explained as follows taking into account the three time horizons of forecasting. Quantitative methods can of methods using the past information they are: Trend analysis: This kind of method is mostly used in short term forecasting, where the past and the historical data are being examined for future exploration. The various models which are used in this context are regression, exponential smoothing etc (Hyndman and Athanasopoulos 2014). Qualitative methods: are usually used in the medium and the long run which can be discussed as follows: Market Research: This kind of method is used in the medium range of forecasting, where research is being carried out in a systematic manner. Under this method, the market researchers tend to collect all the relevant information in relation to demographic, personal and economic information. Depending on the research work, important decisions regarding planning, budgeting and sales and production are being taken. Delphi technique: According to Hyndman and Athanasopoulos (2014), Delphi technique also known as expert opinion refers to a range of panel experts who are being interrogated by means of a set of questionnaires. After such interrogation the responses provided by the experts are being used again for further questioning, this is mainly done in order to remove the effect of bandwagon and helps to get an accurate estimation about the future. Another method which is used in estimating long range time horizon is sales force survey opinion. It is also known as the collective method, where the opinions of the sales person are being taken into account rather than the consumers. Conclusion: In can be concluded that forecasting is the method of making future predictions based on the analysis of the past and present trends. Under this assignment, the three major time horizon namely short range forecast, middle range forecast and long range forecast are being discussed keeping in mind the amount of risk and uncertainty attached to each . Taking this time horizon factor in account there are two types of methods which can be best suited for each of the time series which are quantitative methods and qualitative methods, where the former deals with short term forecast and the latter predicts about the medium and long term time series. Reference: Fitzsimmons, J. and Fitzsimmons, M., 2013.Service management: Operations, strategy, information technology. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Hyndman, R.J. and Athanasopoulos, G., 2014.Forecasting: principles and practice. OTexts